Dog – a story by Pinckney Benedict

I have a bad habit of reserving reading time during the weekdays for right as I lay down to sleep. This generally means that I am good for a half hour of reading – oftentimes less. Good for getting through a short story or sometimes only halfway through the story. It makes finishing one a real bitch sometimes as I don’t even retain the bookmark if I doze and the book goes crashing out of my hand onto the night table.
Past couple weeks, I have been thumbing through a great book called Town Smokes which is a short story collection by West Virginia-born author Pinckney Benedict.

The man has a real talent for grit. These stories make you feel like you want be reading them in a dingy backroad bar and eyeballing the fella sitting across from you who looks like he might want to pick a fight after he gets a little more in his cups.
“Dog” is one from Town Smokes and I stumbled across it online where you can read it for free. The simplicity and understated violence of it is really what Benedict is all about. Read for free here: Barcelona Review.

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