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It’s been a while since I have posted anything to this blog. I will endeavor to be diligent in the future but on the up side, I have been reading and seeing some amazing stuff lately.

There are three novels that I have read recently which I just adore and recommend to anyone.

Bad Things by Michael Marshall

Bad Things hooked me with the way it opened and it kept me on the line the rest of the time. Although the plotting is sometimes confusing in places, this is a great book that blurs the genre lines; not quite horror, not quite mystery, both maybe? Marshall does a great job of building atmosphere and a sense of place and those are two things very important to me. You can almost feel the palpable sense of a dark undercurrent in the sleepy little Pacific Northwestern town and the protagonist is a likable fella who is fun to watch (or read.)

Sharp Objects and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Both of Flynn’s books are incredible. I wish she had written more because I would just keep reading them one after another. These books are dark and their subject matter is dark. I am in love with the way she writes as well, her style is great and her heroines (if they could be called that) are strong but damaged women and it makes for a hell of a yarn in both cases. Highly, highly recommended!

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