“Noxious Fragments” anthology now available!

Okay, so it took a little longer than the original release date of June but I know that the editors were working very hard on it. At long last, it is now available. You can purchase it at Amazon.com or… as I would prefer… from Createspace.com. I will post both links here. The main difference being that out of the $15 for the book, we authors will see more of that money if it comes from Createspace than from Amazon. Everyone demands their pound of flesh.

Inside you will find 11 tales of the macabre culled from the first 6 issues of Fantastic Horror magazine. My contribution “A Terrible Binding” features everyone’s favorite hemaphrodite messenger and monster slayer Levi who attempts to alleviate the suffering of a young boy plagued by insomnia and unease that seem to emanate from the dark forest surrounding his home.

This book, for now, is print on demand so the sooner you order, the sooner you will be holding a copy in your hot little hands (or cold, lifeless hands as the case may be.)

Click to order:

Noxious Fragments at Createspace


Noxious Fragments from Amazon.com

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