A Thousand Faces #9 Now Available

A Thousand Faces is a quarterly journal of superhuman fiction. Always with something new and exciting in its pages, this issue includes my own contribution, a little story called “Pain Upon Their Pain.”

Dixon Kane, a protagonist who I hope y’all will see more of… part human, part something else… roams the back alleys of the New Orleans French Quarter, turning a buck and hoping to make amends for his dark past. But this private dick is not prepared for what happens when one of his jilted lover cases goes wrong and someone is murdered. Soon, the only thing Dixon holds dear is in peril and he wonders if he can save her in time without revealing the inhuman nature of his other self.

It is available on the A Thousand Faces website for free, but for those like me who prefer the feel of good old-fashioned paper, it is available for order from Lulu.com. I will post the links below.

A Thousand Faces – Online Journal

Order A Thousand Faces #9 from Lulu today!

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