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Yes, I have been neglecting this blog forever. It’s true. You know, I just need to find a way to make it easier, so that it’s staring me in the face every day and maybe then I will be able to plug in an entry a week or so. I may be switching to LiveJournal, I don’t know. Not sure if it matters, though, as I’m not sure anyone reads this!!

Stayed up and watched the entire Oscars event last night. The whole thing. First time. *yawn* Boy the writing for the interludes and set-ups was just crap, wasn’t it? I did realize, though, that I had not seen many of the movies nominated so I got to punching up the old Netflix account and slapping those babies into my queue for a later date.

Watched a pretty decent horror flick this morning, though. The Burrowers from 2008. I enjoy it when there is some original component to horror and I especially like the Western / Horror combination. The end was lackluster but it was a decent ride.

I am currently more than halfway through Joe Hill’s new novel Horns which I really like so far. It definitely has a literary vibe to it in that there is more emphasis on character development than action but it’s a good mix so far. Not sure what I’m going to pounce on next when this one is done.

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