Hello? Is this thing on?

I hate that I neglect this blog, I really do. But for me it is a little like spinning wheels since no one seems to follow it. Oh well… no matter.

Recently finished “City of Thieves” by David Benioff. What a great book! War-time, buddy story set in Leningrad during WWII. Also reading “Mr. Shivers” by Robert Jackson Bennett. Having a hard time getting into this one, much as I want to like it. Could be that I only read 4 pages of it during bedtime before I drop the damned thing on my face. You know what I mean, right? Oh, maybe it’s just me.

Recently got my royalty payment from Comet Press on “Deadlines.” I think it came to about six bucks. If y’all just keep buying this book up, you’re gonna make me filthy rich at this rate! No, but if you like the horror, please check it out.

Watched “Thew New Daughter” starring Kevin Costner. For a straight-to-video release, I didn’t think it was half bad. Kept me more entertained than “The Grudge” (yawn.) If you like a spooky tale and don’t mind some flat acting, I recommend it.

Okay, that’s all I got for now. See y’all soon!

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