Looking forward to Fall

August is by far the worst month to live anywhere in the south or mid-atlantic. It is hotter than the brass hinges of hell on most days. I am looking forward to getting some cooler, crisp fall air, the turning of the leaves and all that goes with it. While I like a long, sultry southern summer as much as anyone, I think Autumn is my favorite season.

I came across a nifty little trade paperback graphic novel called “The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft” in which the renowned writer of cosmic horror is made a character and an unwitting prophet of sorts. The art is amazing and the writing, so far, seems to be well done also. For any of you who are whores for all things HPL like I am, it is well worth picking up. Speaking of Lovecraft, I am currently working on a story to submit to Innsmouth Free Press, for a history-themed anthology. For my story, I have chosen the dark time of the Irish potato famine, where so many Irish fled the famine and the punitive treatment by the British and came to America. My little yarn is set on board a famine ship on its way to British North America (that’s Canada these days.) We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m embarrassed to say I am still reading “Mr. Shivers.” Hey, look I have a 4-month-old so cut me a break, will you? Time for reading these days seems in short supply and so my To-Read list on Goodreads continues to grow and grow and grow.

Well, that’s all for now. Here at the tail end of a very long, hot summer, I wish you all well.

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