Short-listed for upcoming Relief journal

Well, I got an encouraging email last night notifying me that my story “Dark Rosaleen” has been short-listed for an upcoming issue of Relief Journal, the same people who publish the Midnight Diner anthologies. If you are not familiar with these books, go check them out. It is an eclectic and often incredible collection of speculative fiction with a Christian slant to it. To those of you rolling your eyes out there, it’s much better than what you are thinking and quite appropriate for horror stories, as – to quote Stephen King – “Traditional Horror has a morality that would make a Puritan preacher smile.”

“Dark Rosaleen” is a horror tale and another of my nods to Lovecraft, set on an Irish famine ship sailing to North America in the late 1800’s.

So here’s to keeping my fingers and toes crossed waiting to see if it gets accepted for publication. In the meantime, check out The Midnight Diner. And here’s a link to Relief Journal.

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