Review: “The Ridge” by Michael Koryta

The RidgeThe Ridge by Michael Koryta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s true that a key component to writing a successful story or book is to grab the reader in the first paragraph, maybe even the first few pages. Well, in past novels Koryta has proven his ability to do just that and “The Ridge” is no exception.

Just reading the rather ludicrous and creepy description of the book got my juices flowing. A crazy town drunkard. A lighthouse in the Kentucky hills built to keep “something” away. An animal preserve filled with deadly lions and tigers. I was smitten. I hoped that, once in, I would not be let down.

My friends, in “The Ridge,” Koryta delivers over and over and over again. Once the intrigue and excitement start on page one, they do not let up throughout the book. Packed with fascinating characters and strange phenomena, this book really is a FUN read! The desperation and loneliness of a few of the principle characters is palpable and the care and tenderness with which Koryta treats the “big cats” and their relationships with their human caretakers is both inspiring and heart-breaking at the appropriate moments in the story. (No kidding, one part in the book choked me up pretty good.) There may be a few leaps necessary in the plot for those of us who are detail-oriented about paranormal phenomena, but trust me, you will be having way too much fun to care. A highly recommended summer read, this one is.

Unlike the characters in the book, I would gladly go to “The Ridge” again and I’d advise that you go, too.

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