Review: The Silent Land

The Silent Land
The Silent Land by Graham Joyce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I had to do a one-word review of this book, it would be this:
Fortunately, I can be a bit more verbose. “The Silent Land” is part mystery, part thriller, part fantasy, part literature, and all heart. The relationship between the two protagonists, Jake and Zoe (husband and wife), is well-rendered and believable. They are two very normal people who find themselves in a rather fantastic situation but the situation itself never becomes so fantastic that it overshadows the dynamic between the characters. In other words, if you are someone who is normally put off by fantasy or sci-fi or the supernatural, I do not you believe that you will be put off by this book. “The Silent Land” crosses and obscures genre lines and does so with pleasing results.
The development of the characters and the predicament they are in often brings to the fore moments of philosophical rumination and Joyce handles these moments well, providing nudges rather than preachy answers or offering up empty and stilted non-answers masquerading as clever plot devices.
On a personal level, I found “The Silent Land” exciting, charming, sweet and very moving. It was touching in a way I was not expecting that it would be and I do enjoy a surprise. Really, whatever else this book is, it is a love letter and should be given and received as such.

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