Review: The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes

The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes
The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus Sakey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s my understanding that a couple of Sakey’s books are in development as films and this is easy enough to imagine because “Daniel Hayes” is a taut and mysterious thriller. An L.A. noir at its heart, the riveting plot drags the reader from the rough, cold waters of a Maine shoreline across the country to the Hollywood hills and Malibu where perception and imagery is traded like so much coin. Sakey does an incredible job keeping the reader interested and on their toes, always revealing only just enough of the slowly unraveling events of the plot as are appropriate. It is written masterfully in Sakey’s understated prose that is neither too hard-boiled nor unfortunately flat but perfect to the task. This novel, with the premise of a desperate man endeavoring to discover his past and his estranged life is just good fun. If you get out of it what I did, even if this is your first Marcus Sakey novel, it will not be your last.

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