This is not only a review blog. Despite how it may appear.

Look, I am terrible… no, scratch that… I am piss-poor at maintaining a blog. If not for the reviews of books that I read, this place would be dusty, cobwebbed and haunted-looking, wouldn’t it? I don’t know what it is… maybe I’m too private a person for the interwebs. Maybe my random thoughts aren’t blog-worthy. Maybe I just can’t bear to part with all the details of the fantastically interesting life I lead as a worker bee, husband, father and writer. It’s pretty thrilling and tawdry stuff. I’m just not sure you could handle it. 😉

In any case, I do like to pop my head in every so often.

A Quick Bite of Flesh, the flash fiction zombie themed anthology from Hazardous Press, will be out on September 21st exclusively for Kindle (sorry, my fellow Nookies.) Then, in October, it will be available for POD (print on-demand) should you wish to have a physical copy of what must be about 50+ very short, easily digestible (you see what I did there? huh?) tales concerning zombies and the rending of flesh, etc. including one from yours truly entitled “The Red Delicious.” More on this when the 21st rolls around.

The good folks over at The Midnight Diner are still assembling the 4th anthology, “Wastelands Under the Sun” and I hope to hear some news from them soon on when it will be released. There you will be able to gnaw on a short story of mine, “Dark Rosaleen” that is set aboard an Irish famine ship on its way to North America. There are Lovecraftian elements of that tale for those of you who fancy that sort of thing.

Otherwise, back in August I finished my first full-length novel, Pound of Flesh and currently have it out to several publishers and agents. Nothing back yet from the publishers, so I’m keeping my fingers and toes and tentacles crossed while I wait with foot-tapping impatience for something that isn’t a rejection letter. If you have a suggestion of a publisher I should check out, I am game so send it along to me.

I have a couple other things in the mill, either out or going out soon, to publishers as novellas and novelettes but I expect it will be a while before I hear anything on those.

In the meantime, I am currently at work on another novel that, in the fashion of Pound of Flesh, is dark and supernatural and serious. However, I am also at work on a novella about a misfit band of southern super-antiheroes called The Blackguards: Children of the Nest. Not really the Hall of Justice, Batmobile, Invisible Plane sort of superheroes, these folks are more like the crappy RV, pickup truck and Harley, hard-drinking, downhome kind of superheroes. Not that writing the serious stuff isn’t fun, but writing The Blackguards is a different type of fun. It definitely has swagger and levity to it. Plus if you have read my story, “Pain Upon Their Pain” (And why wouldn’t you have? It’s friggin’ FREE on my website!) starring the darkbreed private detective, Dixon Kane, and you liked it, then you might like The Blackguards, too. Because Dixon is one of the principal characters.

Anyway, that’s about all I got for now. Y’all be good to each other. I’m gonna crawl back under that rock and keep writing and reading.

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