My New and Improved Site is Live!

Change is a constant. As much as I loved the old site with its Javscript and HTML and my beloved tables, it was time for me to be dragged kicking and screaming into what will soon be the year 2013. After much hand-wringing and cursing, I have finally been able to use WordPress to chisel out a new home for myself on the interwebs. Same address and all, of course, but different look, functions and content.

You may be skeptical. I can hear you now.

“But what’s really new on your site? How do I know it isn’t just a slicker version of the old?”

That’s easy. Go check it out. Everything looks all shiny and has that new… er… website smell. Some of the old content is there, yes. The Blog That Wouldn’t Die is there. Links to books and e-books are there. My author bio is there but has been fleshed out a little.

What is brand spankin’ new:

Currently Bleeding: From time to time, this page will have vignettes of things I am working on right now or have completed and are submitting to publishers. Just a little peek at something to hopefully get you excited. Comments are welcome and if you like what you read and know someone else who might, share it.

Haunting the Crowes: Times are tight, I know. You may not have the extra cheddar to blow on some anthology to read one of my stories no matter how cool this new website is. What if I suck? I get it. So on the Haunting the Crowes page, I will be releasing a new chapter or chapters to an online, serialized novel. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will get notification when new content is up. This will give you a feel for my style and – hopefully – keep you coming back to find out more about Haunting the Crowes as it takes shape. The first installment should follow this announcement shortly.

The Blog interface is improved, RSS feed is available. I also hope to actually blog more.

It’s easier to follow me on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. Because I have, like, links and stuff now.

So come on! Take a break from your job Christmas shopping, watching cat videos on YouTube and playing Words With Friends (because that’s what people do at their jobs, right?) and check out my new virtual digs. Friend me or follow me to keep up to date.

– D.


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