Review: Remaking

RemakingRemaking by Blake Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picked up this short story by Blake Crouch and… Holy shit! Where have I been that I have missed this author and his writing? Where have you been all my life, Blake Crouch? I love this guy’s style.
Right… back to the review. This is a short story so it’s quick but it is excellent! It has a subtle menace that uncoils itself right in the opening scene. When things escalate and the protagonist does what you are afraid he is going to do, it is chilling. Before I knew it, the story was over and I was just sitting there thinking, “Damn!”
So, just to re-cap, here are the three stages of this little number from Blake Crouch: Menacing. Chilling. Damn!
I want badly to delve into his latest novel “Pines” but might go the route of trying out “Abandon” first. As in now. Right now. It’s downloading as I type this. What is taking so dang long?

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