Review: American Elsewhere

American ElsewhereAmerican Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Based on Bennett’s other book that I had read, MR. SHIVERS I was prepared to love this book. And it started off very strong. It was interesting, it was mysterious, it was weird and the weird had some vaguely cosmic Lovecraftian tones to it so I decided that I was in.
Then I hit the slump and it took me forever to get through the middle of the book. I am not going to blame this entirely on the book, though, except to say that it was not so riveting that I couldn’t put it down. However, once things picked back up, I was reinvested and I feel that the book came to a satisfying (if not as bizarre as it deserved) conclusion.
I liked this book. I did not LOVE it. And that’s okay. In summation, I would offer that this book was so wholly different in tone and setting from MR. SHIVERS that if you pick it up based on that book, you may be disappointed. If, however, you pick it up based on your experience with Bennett as an original and proficient voice in contemporary speculative fiction, you will not regret your decision.

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