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NOS4A2NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had been looking forward to this release from Joe Hill for a long time and NOS4A2 did not disappoint. While HEART-SHAPED BOX is still my favorite of his, this story of “a bad man with a bad car” keeps you turning the pages.
I really loved the protagonist, Victoria McQueen, a flawed and broken woman whose struggles to overcome the horror she suffered at the hands of the villain as a child have given her a kind of poisonous touch that affects those closest to her. As usual, Hill develops the characters well and despite her rough exterior, Vic McQueen’s humanity comes bleeding through in places and when it does, it is often heartbreaking. The villain, Charlie Manx and his gas-masked flunky are sure to stick in the mind of any reader as well as the place of disturbing beauty that is the fabled Christmasland, where Manx takes all of the children that he “rescues.”
If you’re upset by the appropriation of Christmas holiday imagery for other-than-holiday purposes, either toughen up or pass this one by. In NOS4A2, Joe Hill takes you on a full-throttle ride into twisted landscapes and mindscapes and runs right over those treasured holiday images like so much roadkill. It’s a fun and blistering read from an author who is a growing force to be reckoned with in horror and speculative fiction. Highly recommended.

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