Halloween is Coming and Coffin Hop is Here

No, I’m serious. They’re right here, making me watching me type this. These people are serious.

I never should have am glad I joined up with these psychos super neat people!

What is Coffin Hop, you ask? It’s an opportunity for you folks to discover brand new horror writers, maybe win some free stuff, and get  a little more into the Halloween spirit. Because, you know, you’re such a stick in the mud!

They’re threatening to sodomize and burn some of my daughter’s stuffed animals unless I get on with it, so here is the obligatory graphic. It links to the Coffin Hop website if you click it. Please click on it!


So here’s the deal! If you enter the giveaway, you might be the lucky winner of a signed copy of my novella, After the Fire that was released by Dark Hall Press. I’ll write whatever you want in the inscription, too. We’re old high school chums. We killed someone together. We’re sworn enemies. You won a book in some lame giveaway. Whatever you want.

Entering to win is easy. However, it requires you having and using Twitter. All you have to do to be eligible to win is tweet the following:

Win a signed copy of AFTER THE FIRE by @DAlexWard http://tinyurl.com/lor3avg @CoffinHop #Horror

Re-tweets do not count. It must be a straight-up tweet with the above in it. No more, no less. I will note your Twitter handle and consider you entered.

On Halloween, I will draw names from a really pointy hat and your fate will be decided. I may even draw up to three or more names. Want to cover the spread and improve your odds of winning some spooky schwag for Halloween? Then check out one of the other authors listed HERE ON THE LINKY LIST for Coffin Hop and see what they have to offer on their websites and blogs. Enter to win!

Do it now! I don’t like the way the big Coffin Hop guy here is making eyes at my daughter’s Country Elmo…



  1. LOL! I love the signing ideas.

  2. “Re-tweets do not count. It must be a straight-up tweet with the above in it.” Well, you got two – one from the post, and the one ya asked for. 😉

    Enjoy the Hop!

  3. Have fun with Coffin Hop!

  4. Teresa Henson

    Dang, I don’t do twitter. 🙁

  5. I love it! You could mention something about us escaping that Mexican prison and that thing we did in Vegas…just don’t be too specific. 😉


  6. Funnest post ever!
    I will definitely follow you on Twitter after posting your straight up deets in a tweet for my peeps.
    Glad your hopping with us 😉
    P, L, & N

  7. Hi DA! Just making my Coffin Hop rounds this AM! Great giveaway, and nice to meet you!

    Happy Halloween-week,


  8. Hey there! I reviewed After the Fire for Horror Web and was very impressed by the story! I can’t wait to see what else you write. Happy Halloween and keep hopping!

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