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The Shining (The Shining, #1)The Shining by Stephen King
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The first time I read THE SHINING, I was a pimple-faced teenager with my nose stuck in as many Lovecraft and King and Barker and Lumley books as I could manage in between classes or in study hall or… sometimes *in* class. I remember not being thrilled with THE SHINING back then.
As the release of the follow-up, DOCTOR SLEEP approached, I decided to go back and revisit what many declare is King’s scariest book.
There is certainly merit to that. I think that the thrills and chills abound in this novel but the second time around, I saw something in it that I did not see the first. Reading it as a father and not a child, I saw more of the good in Jack Torrance and was often touched by the dynamic between him and his son, Danny. And when it all began falling apart, these new things gave the story more weight for me and it was hard to watch what was happening even though I knew very well how it was all going to end.
THE SHINING certainly ranks up there with the creepiest of haunted house / haunted people books out there and it is undeniably a classic. My fourteen year old self would not have agreed with this idea but I’ve come to realize that he didn’t know as much as he supposed.
Is this classic King novel better the second time around, you ask? You bet.

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