A FEAST OF BUZZARDS is now available!

daw-buzzards-coverI am pleased as punch to announce that my collection of stories, A Feast of Buzzards has been released by Hazardous Press.

Edited by Robert Helmbrecht and with a cover by George Cotronis, it contains 11 tales in all and is currently available in paperback and Kindle editions at both the Hazardous Press store and Amazon.

About half of the stories are reprints which have previously appeared in a number of different publications. The other half are brand-spanking-new! Though not all of the stories are necessarily “horror” stories, they can all definitely be described as dark, speculative fiction.

So order a copy for yourself or a loved one or even a bitter enemy. Here’s a little more info as well as the table of contents:


A Feast of Buzzards

Take a journey through a twisted version of the American South with these stories by author D. Alexander Ward as he draws back the curtain on a world where isolation, faith and transformation all play a part in the struggle between light and dark—and the battles that rage within us all.

• The ghost of a young boy’s father helps him discover the hero within as he strives to rescue his mother, abducted during a drug deal gone bad.
• During a trip across Mississippi, a man listens as a voice on the radio inflames his worst fears about his wife and child, and drives him toward the edge of madness and an unthinkable act.
• On a hunting expedition, a young man is pursued by the spirit of his grandfather, whose legendary cruelty only seems to have worsened in death.

It’s the sound of duct tape stretching across a mouth to muffle screams. It’s a rusty pickup truck idling in the dark. It’s a lonely back road through trailer parks and empty fields.

This is A Feast of Buzzards

Table of contents

  • Broken Things
  • Once More the Taste
  • The Dying Place
  • Static
  • Lila Whispering
  • A Trick of Light and Shadow
  • When the Sea Comes
  • Pain Upon Pain
  • One Night Only
  • The Red Delicious
  • Dark Rosaleen


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