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I was tagged in a blog hop by the lovely and sadistic Julianne Snow. The purpose of this particular blog hop is to allow a peek into an individual writer’s process. Julianne posted her entry HERE.
So, you want to know what kind of bats I’ve got flitting around in my belfry, do you? Well come on in and sit a spell. I’ll try and make this quick.


1. What am I working on?

I am wrapping up edits and re-writes on two novels. One is straight horror and the other is more of an urban fantasy / horror. In addition to those, I am beginning work on a new book with the working title of Obscura, which I expect to be kind of a supernatural thriller. Not sure I can tell the difference between Horror and Thriller, though, so make of that what you will. There is another thing I am working on; a somewhat secret project with another wordslinger friend of mine. Can’t say much more about it yet but stay tuned! It’s going to be great!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think it’s a big difference but I definitely feel like some people’s work fits neatly into one classification or another where mine does not. I wouldn’t say my work is cross-genre by any stretch but certainly it blurs the lines between fantasy and horror and suspense and thriller. Often, I have a tough time figuring out what genre to call it on the manuscript’s title page. I suspect that’s a pretty common problem, but maybe it’s a good one to have.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Did my mother hijack this interview with that question? 🙂
Look, anyone who creates dark content is familiar with this kind of question. Surely there’s something wrong with us. We must spend all day brooding, reading Serial Killer Weekly and painting our fingernails black to come up with such sick things. There’s no way we could be normal, productive, even *gasp* Church-going members of society, right? Hell, sometimes I write something and even I stop and think, What is wrong with my mind that it goes to a place like that? But, you know, we like what we like.

I think, for me, there is no greater horror than the everyday world we live in. Just watch the news and tell me I’m wrong. Writing horror, though, allows me to take some terrible parts of our world and our humanity, put them in a box, give them a name and a face, and deal with them. It also allows me to manipulate the reader, elicit a response, play around with philosophical concepts. If I’m doing it right, the reader enjoys it and what is a part of me becomes a part of them, too. It’s really quite beautiful when it works.

4. How does my writing process work?

I take an idea—a seed—and usually let it germinate in my imagination for a while. Until I have a clear sense of some basic story elements like characters, setting, conflict. Then I start writing very loosely, just playing around with voice and point of view, until I find something that resonates with me. If it still excites me, then I outline and begin the process of writing the whole thing. I like to work outside no matter the season, though I can work just as well inside at my desk or hunched over my laptop on the couch. Usually there is music and sometimes there are libations.

The rest of the process until the first draft is finished is a crapshoot. I don’t write a thousand words every day because with family and work, I rarely have that kind of time. But sometimes I might sit down and four days worth of writing comes pouring out over a few hours. So I am consistent in that I will get it done so long as the work still seems viable.

Well, that’s my entry on this blog hop. I tagged a couple of other authors to participate but with the World Horror Convention and the Stokers and other things coming up, some of them could not commit to participating. So, like Pinhead, I am lamenting that no one wants to play.


But wait! I did manage to get one 🙂 Straight outta the California desert, it’s the very talented, the very dusty…

Christopher S. Nelson

CSNELSONTexas native and Army Scout, C.S. Nelson lives in the high desert of Southern California where he carves his love of dark fiction into short stories and novels. Zombies, diesel mechs, witches, ghosts, prop fighters, and conspiracies. Anything goes as long as it can deliver a solid sucker punch and steal a kiss before the fight’s over.

Sergeant First Class Nelson has served two combat tours in Iraq, played rocket roulette with the insurgencies, and speaks enough Español, Hongul, and Deutsch to order take-out on two continents. His work has appeared in US- and Canadian-based e-zines and printed anthologies. He loves metal, jazz, swing, pop art, old cars, and anything Americana.

He has an aversion to owls.

Check him out here:



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