Review: For Emmy

For Emmy
For Emmy by Mary SanGiovanni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For Emmy is a beautifully written, haunting tale of loss. SanGiovanni’s descriptive prose takes us into the mind of the narrator, Dana, and it is through her eyes that we experience the disappearance of her little sister, Emmy. It is also through her eyes that we experience the events that follow, which prove to be a kind of dark and unwelcome catharsis. The horror elements are expertly woven into this tale, presented with a subtlety that is so often absent from horror fiction these days but is nonetheless extremely effective. If you are up for a sweet, sad tale with some Lovecraftian overtones, you couldn’t do much better than this novella from Mary SanGiovanni. In fact, I doubt you would find anything matching that description that is on par with this excellent book.

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