My New Domain & the Demise of Hazardous Press

TWITTER-COVER-PHOTO-COVER-COLLAGE-3-15Welcome to my new domain. My site and all of its information can now be found at Place still looks pretty much the same. There’s not a lot of new content at the moment, but there have been some changes. So, about that…

Unfortunately, Hazardous Press, whose anthologies I contributed several stories, who published my own short story collection and Shadows Over Main Street–co-edited with Doug Murano–is going on hiatus. This means a lot of titles have disappeared from the catalog of Amazon and other various places you could buy them from before. One of those is my collection, A Feast of Buzzards. It is no longer available on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback. I do still have some paperbacks, though, so if you want one, contact me about it. We’ll work something out. The future of this book and if/when/how/where it will be available is unknown at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

But what about Shadows Over Main Street, you say? Well, it is also out of print and unavailable on Kindle. However, we can tell you that the book will be back in some way, shape, or form. I have no details to report because there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on, but Volume 1 will be available again as soon as possible in a second edition. And, despite the demise of Hazardous Press, Shadows Over Main Street, Volume 2, is still happening. Let me say that again. Here, I’ll even give it its own line in this post:

Shadows Over Main Street, Volume 2 is still happening.

Again, we’ll share details when things are all settled.

In the meantime, check out my novel, Blood Savages, for a fun and violent horror-superhero romp. And be on the lookout for my Gothic horror novel, Beneath Ash and Bone, coming from Eldritch Press in Spring of 2016. Not to mention there’s another Murano-Ward-edited anthology of stories, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, due out from Crystal Lake Publishing in Spring/Summer of 2016.

And, as always, stay tuned. I’ll update this undying blog as often as I can!




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