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It’s time for a very special giveaway here on Goodreads! Due to a printer error, I have 29 copies of my novel, Blood Savages available for this giveaway. The catch is that they are slightly defective copies that were printed from a version of the book prior to approval of the final galleys. What does this mean? There are a few oopsies on the internal cover pages and the copyright information. They do not include a few of the final and–probably hardly noticeable–changes I made to the text of the manuscript. That said, it is still a fine-lookin’ book and the story is all there!

My only other option is to chuck them or use them as kindling for the fireplace and I just cannot bring myself to do that to any book, especially mine.

So…if you’re up for a rare paperback copy (collector’s item!) of Blood Savages from Necro Publications, then take a moment to register for this unique giveaway. I’ll even sign it special for you with some stupid remark about your willingness to accept a defective copy of my book.
Get in on this unique opportunity today!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Blood Savages by D. Alexander Ward

Blood Savages

by D. Alexander Ward

Giveaway ends December 09, 2015.

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