Wrapping Up 2015

crypt-keeper-new-years12015 started out with the release of Shadows Over Main Street, which Doug Murano and I worked tirelessly on. Had some problems with the publisher, publisher shut down, and we went looking for a new one for not only the first book but the Shadows Over Main Street Volume 2 that we are editing. Thankfully, we finally found one. We’ve also been working with Joe at Crystal Lake, editing Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories for a 2016 release, and I am so pleased with how that book is shaping up. Incredible stories! Doug and I are discussing our next editing project and I’m excited to see what that becomes. I’m so thankful and couldn’t ask for a better partner in anthology creation and editing!

I was fortunate enough to attend some events with my Virginia chapter of the HWA folks and to volunteer some time as a verifier with the organization. With 7Hills, I hung out a shingle to do some light, freelance editing work as well, so we’ll see how that goes.

On the authoring side of things, Necro Publications released my urban fantasy/horror book, Blood Savages back in April. I served on and moderated some panels at RavenCon and Scares That Care as well as attended the World Horror Convention in Atlanta–an amazing experience with so many great people who I now call my dear friends. There’s even talk of contributing to a novella collection with a few of those fine writers, so that’s a prospect I’m very excited about. Publisher woes continued with Eldtritch Press shutting down and leaving my Gothic horror novel, Beneath Ash and Bone, in limbo…but I’m pleased that it’s found a new home with Bedlam Press for a 2016 release.

All in all, 2015 was one hell of a busy year. I look forward to the next one, to making more friends, reading more, writing, editing and publishing more. Most of all, I am pleased as punch to continue being a part of this special freakshow that is the horror community. So many old and gracious souls here, and that fills my heart indeed.

Bring it on, 2016!

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