Not news…but a reminder about the Sexual Predator-in-Chief

I usually try and keep things here focused on entertainment and books, but with all that’s going on, and all the conversations, and all the #MeToo posts spurred by the recent revelations about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, I have been quietly listening and paying attention. And what kills me most of all is that some of us put a (very probable) analog of Harvey Weinstein in the most powerful office of this great nation. And those of us who did so, chose to turn a blind eye. So, I’m getting serious for a moment. Here goes.

As we highlight the specter of sexual misconduct and rape culture and worse, here’s a brief list (there are at least 17 more public claims) of the most litigated allegations against Donald J. Trump for a variety of similar crimes:

– Jane Doe, 13 yrs old at the time — suit dropped again after “numerous threats” to her life.
– Ivana Trump, in a 1998 court deposition, accused Donald of a violent assault upon and rape of her as retribution for a bad plastic surgery job he got from a doctor she had recommended to him — Ivana recently walked this back as “not in a criminal and literal sense.” Interesting.
– Jill Harth, alleged Trump violated her “physical and mental integrity” by touching her intimately without her consent — settled out of court.

This is a reminder, not news. This was all known during the campaign. The truth of these allegations may never be determined as long as Trump has the money, lawyers, and influence to combat them. Certainly it’s enough to cast doubt on his character, though.

This was known…along with many other things that came to light…and Trump still carried white evangelical Christian voters by 81%. That fact only serves to confirm, for me, that there is so much fundamentally broken about our system, our society, and our spiritual conscience. If his shameful presidency has served any purpose so far, it is as a mirror held up to the ugliest elements of our society and ourselves.

I don’t have the answers about all this (other than, you know, maybe don’t elect a possible sexual predator President) but I do know that admitting there is a problem is the first step toward dealing with it.

So, let’s admit it.

And then DO SOMETHING about it.

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