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Not news…but a reminder about the Sexual Predator-in-Chief

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I usually try and keep things here focused on entertainment and books, but with all that’s going on, and all the conversations, and all the #MeToo posts spurred by the recent revelations about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, I have been quietly listening and paying attention. And what kills me most of all is that some of us put a (very probable) analog of Harvey Weinstein in the most powerful office of this great nation. And those of us who did so, chose to turn a blind eye. So, I’m getting serious for a moment. Here goes.

As we highlight the specter of sexual misconduct and rape culture and worse, here’s a brief list (there are at least 17 more public claims) of the most litigated allegations against Donald J. Trump for a variety of similar crimes:

– Jane Doe, 13 yrs old at the time — suit dropped again after “numerous threats” to her life.
– Ivana Trump, in a 1998 court deposition, accused Donald of a violent assault upon and rape of her as retribution for a bad plastic surgery job he got from a doctor she had recommended to him — Ivana recently walked this back as “not in a criminal and literal sense.” Interesting.
– Jill Harth, alleged Trump violated her “physical and mental integrity” by touching her intimately without her consent — settled out of court.

This is a reminder, not news. This was all known during the campaign. The truth of these allegations may never be determined as long as Trump has the money, lawyers, and influence to combat them. Certainly it’s enough to cast doubt on his character, though.

This was known…along with many other things that came to light…and Trump still carried white evangelical Christian voters by 81%. That fact only serves to confirm, for me, that there is so much fundamentally broken about our system, our society, and our spiritual conscience. If his shameful presidency has served any purpose so far, it is as a mirror held up to the ugliest elements of our society and ourselves.

I don’t have the answers about all this (other than, you know, maybe don’t elect a possible sexual predator President) but I do know that admitting there is a problem is the first step toward dealing with it.

So, let’s admit it.

And then DO SOMETHING about it.

StokerCon and RavenCon this weekend

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It saddens me a little that I am not able to attend StokerCon in Long Beach, CA this weekend. I always enjoy seeing friends and colleagues and catching up, talking shop and talking craft. But I’m afraid that post-surgery I am just not up to that kind of cross-country trip from the east to the west coast. So I will be watching the social media posts with a bit of longing and I will tune into the live feed of the awards banquet. Certainly, I wish all the finalists the best of luck in their respective categories and, yes, I will be pulling for Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories in the anthology category! It’s really just an honor to be part of it.


That said, I will be attending RavenCon in Williamsburg, VA again this year as a guest. I have a pretty light schedule this year thanks to the consideration of the staff, so here it is:


5pm: “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?” panel discussion

12 Midnight: “My Favorite Horror” panel discussion


10am: “Editing 101  How to Revise” panel discussion

2pm: Book Reading

4pm: “Realistic Dialogue”

When I am not participating in one of the above events, you can probably find me in the vendor room at the HWA-Virginia Chapter tables.

If you see me, come say hello!

You can find me BENEATH THE LAKE

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So last weekend, Crystal Lake Publishing, who released GUTTED, had their first ever videocast program called Beneath the Lake! Todd Keisling ran the show and I was a guest along with Doug Murano and GUTTED authors Mercedes Yardley and Brian Kirk.

We had some technical difficulties at first. Which makes for a pretty trippy first couple of minutes, what with all the echo and then Mercedes saying “This is what Hell is like…”

Bwahahaha! Gets me every time. Anyway, it was a fun show with some good info so if you are into that kind of thing, check it out below.


Books, Brews, and Boos!

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The folks at the Richmond Horror Book Club and RED VEIN ARMY are geniuses. Why? Because they have put together Books, Brews, and Boos! for the second year, where local horror authors and publishers get to hang out at Strangeways Brewing and talk horror, writing, publishing, beer, whatever… with the folks who come to the event. And yes, we will knock back a few. I was invited as an author guest and I had to think about it for all of two seconds before saying YES! This is going to be an awesome event and it’s one that I am really looking forward to. Here are some details:

Join us on Friday, September 23rd from 8-10pm as RED VEIN ARMY hosts a panel discussion with our guests. Play trivia for prizes, pick up autographed books, meet some scary characters, and of course, drink some deliciously strange beer. The event is FREE to attend.

This years featured guests:
Ronald Malfi
James Crawford
D. Alexander Ward
Ryan Cagle and James Jenkins of Valancourt Books

I will have a few books to sell, including BENEATH ASH & BONE, GUTTED, BLOOD SAVAGES, and SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET. It’s going to be great so come and hang out with us!

Get GUTTED before the summer ends!

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It has been couple of months since the release of GUTTED, which I co-edited along with Doug Murano, and the book is humming along. It’s garnering great reviews by both critics and readers. It is packed with amazing and emotionally devastating horror fiction by the likes of Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Josh Malerman, Damien Angelica Walters, and many, many more. Along with the stories, it features cover art by Caitlin Hackett and interior illustrations by Luke Spooner.

You don’t want to miss this one so get it while you still have some summer reading time left!


Gutted at Amazon HERE:

Review: Paper Tigers

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Paper Tigers by Damien Angelica Walters
5 of 5 Stars

“Tell me, when you burned, did the flames kiss your skin like a lover?”

If you want to know the answer to that, you’ll have to find it in the pages of this remarkable novel by Damien Angelica Walters. As for my experience, this book consumed me. Slowly. All the way through the last page. I was enthralled by it and, although I wanted to know how things worked out, I was reluctant for it to end. For the spell to be broken.

But that’s not really how it works, is it? The books we love—the ones that haunt us—never really let go of us. Cognitively, I know this. Still, with PAPER TIGERS, I took it slow, reading a few pages at a time, stalling, hoping, dreading.

Everything from the main character Alison to the Baltimore setting, even to the supernatural material… is handled with a subtlety, authenticity, and perfect pitch that is rarely seen. Honestly, I could go on about all the elements of this book that I love, but you just have to pick it up yourself, fall in, and get lost in the tale, the characterization, and the gorgeous writing that binds this chilling tapestry together.

In short, PAPER TIGERS is a ghost story written with graceful, often poetic aplomb. This is heartbreak horror that will leave you awestruck, damaged, and yearning for more.

If that sounds like what you’re into, get this book into your life. And do it now. That’s my advice.

Checking In: Upcoming Releases Info

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Hey, everyone! I wanted to check in and update you all on the next couple of books coming out that I have co-edited with Doug Murano.

SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET Volume 1, second edition

This will be unleashed back on the market June 17th from Cutting Block Books. It’s going to feel so good to have this baby back out there, wreaking havoc and sewing madness again!



This is a really special book that we put together and which will release on June 24th from Crystal Lake Publishing.


Awe and ache. Terror and transcendence. Regret and rebirth. Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories is coming this June!

Featuring an all-star lineup including Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Paul Tremblay, John F.D. Taff, Lisa Mannetti, Damien Angelica Walters, Christopher Coake, Josh Malerman, Mercedes M. Yardley, Brian Kirk, Amanda Gowin, Richard Thomas, Maria Alexander, Stephanie M. Wytovich and Kevin Lucia. With a foreword by Cemetery Dance magazine founder Richard Chizmar.

Of course, we are currently at work editing SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET, Volume 2. No release date on that just yet but stay tuned!

Gothic Done Southern Style

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The incredible author and historian, Pamela K. Kinney, has allowed me to take over her blog today for a guest blog post. In the post, I talk about the traditional Gothic and the Southern Gothic and how I drew from and fused both styles in my latest novel, BENEATH ASH & BONE.

Check out the blog post here!

Thanks again to Pam for offering me a spot on her blog today!



So, um… BENEATH ASH & BONE came out!

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Wow, in all my shouting it from the rooftops about the book dropping a couple weeks ago, I somehow neglected to do so here. So, let me say due to a sudden publishing surprise, the book which was slated for April release is out NOW!


Selburn, Virginia: A quiet backwater town nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the days before the Civil War, Sam Lock keeps the peace as the town sheriff, like his father before him.
That peace is shattered during a raging winter storm when a boy goes missing at Evermore, the sprawling estate of Horace Crownhill and his family. Racing against time and the elements, Sam must mount a desperate search for the child—but what he finds in the snow, and the dark halls of Evermore, are madness … and murder.
As Sam searches for truth in a house poisoned by mysteries and haunted by ghosts, he hopes to weather the storm, but the harrowing secrets he uncovers may prove too terrible to bear. Will he escape with his sanity intact or will the dark presence rumored to hold sway over Evermore claim him as another sacrifice?

Buy NOW at Amazon!

Giveaway for advance copies of BENEATH ASH & BONE

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While my new book, BENEATH ASH & BONE does not release until April, Bedlam Press is running a giveaway right now for 2 advance copies of the book.

Click the link below for details and enter to win!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Beneath Ash & Bone by D. Alexander Ward

Beneath Ash & Bone

by D. Alexander Ward

Giveaway ends March 04, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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