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Big-ass Blog Update: New Anthologies, WHC and HWA, New Novel and W.I.P.s

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It’s been a while since I posted to this blog. In my defense, I have been very busy. Which means I have a few things to touch on here. Included in this post: Shadows Over Main Street 2, World Horror Con and Stoker Awards, my new position with the HWA, Doug and I at work on a new anthology called GUTTED. Also, another novel coming out from me soon(ish) and a brief update on works in progress.


Shadows Over Main Street, Volume 2

We announced it at WHC to make it official. Hazardous Press will be releasing a second volume of Shadows Over Main Street. The theme will be the same as with the first volume. It is once again being edited by Doug Murano and myself. We are in the process of getting submission agreements from authors, reading submissions, and–this week–we are looking at story pitches. Of course, you never know if a story will work out just because of the author behind it, but I really hope they are all 100% because as far as the invited authors go, we have got one hell of a lineup. No details yet but we expect an early 2016 release for the book.

This is not the cover, but a piece of promo art:



WHC and the Stokers 2015 in ATL

It was my first time as WHC and what can I say? It was an amazing experience. It might discourage the rest of the world if they knew how truly wonderful and generous and considerate horror authors are. For a bunch of folks who spend hours thinking up chilling new ways to prey on our collective fears and inventing nasty ways for fictional people to die, we’re a pretty likeable group of folks. I met lots of new people and made lots of new friends, met some old ones for the first time (Doug) and had an all around blast. I even got to see Doug Murano receive the Richard Laymon award for service to the HWA. I sat at the table with his wife and new baby while he gave a touching acceptance speech, complete with almost losing it up there. It was beautiful.


To sum it up, it was so wonderful to be around creative types of similar mind set that coming back to my day job that following Monday truly sucked. But I am glad for the time we all got to share over that weekend and look forward to the next one!


Speaking of the HWA…

I have volunteered for the position of Verifier at the HWA. This means I help verify the eligibility of works submitted for consideration in certain Stoker categories. I am working with the ever-patient and wise C.W. LaSart and very thankful to have her!


GUTTED: Beautiful Horror Stories

This one has been in the works for a bit. Doug Murano and I will be editing an anthology for Crystal Lake Publishing. It is based on our theme of “beautiful horror stories.” That is, stories that may contain horrible characters or events but which, at the end, offer a glimpse of beauty and hope or at least the promise of it. For a shining example of such a story, I would direct you to Stephen Graham Jones’s story, “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit” in The New Black anthology from Dark House Press. There will be a kickstarter associated with this book and we are, right now, securing submission agreements from a number of authors. So stay tuned! We anticipate a 2016 release for this as well.

Until then, here’s the cover:



New Novel and Works in Progress

I’m happy to announce that I signed with Eldritch Press a few weeks ago to publish my novel, Beneath Ash and Bone. It’s a short novel and kind of an American version of gothic horror/ghost story novels from so many great British authors. It is a period work, set in pre-Civil War Virginia, where a down-to-earth lawman goes to find a missing boy in a winter storm and instead finds himself in the perilous vortex of one wealthy family’s madness and dark deeds.

As far as other things I am working on, I have two to three things going on at the moment. One is a novel with the working title of Nightjar, that I can’t even begin to explain yet.

Another that I will get back to when Nightjar is done is my novel, Obscura, a contemporary horror about cursed objects and cursed people.

And, just recently, I began the second Blackguards book, the sequel to Blood Savages, which will be titled, Dark the Light. I’m pleased with how it’s going so far. We had a bit of good fun on Facebook last week when I mentioned that 15 pages in and already some poor bastard’s face has been flayed, Dixon and Danny have a new car, and Anyika starts things off with a bang by dick-punching and otherwise beating up a neo-Nazi. Now, because of the hilarious input of my many creative friends, there will be a scene involving multiple neo-Nazis, people in dinosaur costumes and more dick-punching than has ever been included in any one book. I do so enjoy writing the Blackguards stuff. It can be a lot of fun.

That’s all for now.

– D.



Blood Savages now available!

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At long last, this past week, my novel, Blood Savages, was released. (We even had a party for it at RavenCon) This action-horror offering is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as other popular electronic formats.

Get the novel that Disintegration author Richard Thomas says is “a Southern Gothic road warrior tale that from the very first page has you gripping your seat, cheering, and even laughing now and then.”

Click here to get it on Amazon!


Flash sale on A Feast of Buzzards

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Tuesday through Thursday this week, you can pick up a Kindle copy of my story collection from a couple years back for only 99 cents! Probably not *quite* as much fun as a two-dollar hooker but it’s legal and a hell of a lot cleaner!

Click here to pick it up: A FEAST OF BUZZARDS


Website for Blood Savages and Book Giveaway

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The website for my novel, Blood Savages, is now live at Not much going on over there right now, but go check it out…AFTER YOU READ BELOW.

I have 3 uncorrected advance copies of the book up for grabs at a giveaway on Goodreads. If campy dialog, anti-heroes, and beastly vampires that do not sparkle (unless you set them on fire) are your thing, then you should go and enter to win right now. The giveaway ends on March 19th, a full month before the book is available for purchase.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Blood Savages by D. Alexander Ward

Blood Savages

by D. Alexander Ward

Giveaway ends March 19, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Cover Reveal for BLOOD SAVAGES

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April is coming and with it the release of my novel, Blood Savages. Ahead of this release, I am sharing the cover art with you all. It’s a damn fine piece of work by the very talented Erik W. Wilson. I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate cover.

Also, I would ask you to visit the book’s page over on Facebook for more information and updates. You can find that here:


Pardon Me, I’m Having a Moment Here

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Yesterday, in the mail, I received the paperback of the anthology I co-edited with Doug Murano, Shadows Over Main Street. It was quite a moment for me. Of course, I have received books that I have stories in before and my own novella and collection and I was very proud of all those, but there is something special about this. Maybe because it’s the first time I have ever served in an editorial capacity, helping to assemble something from the seed of an idea. I know we worked very hard on it, and continue to in the post-publishing stage. The artwork and layout is great, the interior art is great and the stories—even now after having read them more times than I can count—still thrill and amaze me.


I guess I would say that it was the closest to a “proud papa moment” I have ever had with an inanimate object rather than my own child. That probably sounds odd but so be it. Hazardous Press, Doug and I have done what we could to put the book together well. Now, it’s out there in the world for horror lovers to enjoy, or not enjoy, and is—as Doug so aptly put it—at the mercy of “millions of trolls and sociopaths.” And it’s nerve-wracking, and very much like sending a child along a new path out in the big, scary world.

So of you want to check it out for yourself, the book is available here in paperback and Kindle edition at Amazon. Other electronic editions will be come along, too, but it will be a few months.

Check out the book’s Facebook page at: and its website at:

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go spend some more time with this paperback book.

– D.

Review: Bird Box

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Bird Box
Bird Box by Josh Malerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In what was a gloriously quick read, Josh Malerman’s engrossing debut novel manages to do what many novels attempt to do but fail. It makes you forget that you are reading it. At least it did for me. There’s so much right about this book that you just need to go pick it up already. I’ll be brief with the rest of this review so you can come to that decision.
BIRD BOX starts dark and keeps it that way. It moves at a frenetic pace, switching between present and past until the two converge like a dagger point at the climax. It will engage you, horrify you, break your heart, lift you up, then do it all over again. It will sweep you away. What more than that can a reader ask for?
For me, this book hits all the right notes. It’s dark, indeed, but achingly human enough to appeal to folks who normally turn their noses up at “scary” books. BIRD BOX is the ultimate gateway drug into the horror genre. Get you some.

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New Book on the Way!

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It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce that I have signed with Necro Publications to release my dark urban fantasy/horror book, Blood Savages: A Blackguards Novel. I know you can’t tell but I really am giddy with excitement about this! Details yet to come but right now it looks like it will be released as part of Necro’s Fresh Flesh series with a tentative release date of April 21st, 2015.


With that and the upcoming release of Shadows Over Main Street, the anthology I have been co-editing with Doug Murano for Hazardous Press, I’d say 2015 is off to a good start!

I’ll continue to update as new information becomes available.


Review: The Boy Who Drew Monsters

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The Boy Who Drew Monsters
The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply put, I adored this book. There’s just no denying it. I am a sucker for good old fashioned literary horror. And in THE BOY WHO DREW MONSTERS, Keith Donohue delivers.
It is a wonderfully atmospheric book. Dark and dreamy, with all the melancholy charm of a morning mist, this drew me in very early on and never let go. It is filled with disturbing images that left their fingerprints on my imagination often as I read in the late evening or small hours of the morning.
Also, I found myself doing something unusual. I read this book slowly, savoring it. I knew the end would eventually come, but I was content to spend more time with Donohue’s starkly realistic characters and the world they inhabit that seems always on the edge of surreality. The last book I can recall feeling this way about was Graham Joyce’s THE SILENT LAND and in THE BOY WHO DREW MONSTERS, I often detected the presence of that eloquent wordsmith. As if his spirit was dwelling there between the words and paragraphs.
If you like your frights smart and subtle, this is a must-read. It’s as beautiful as it is disturbing.
I cannot wait to read the next one, Mr. Donohue. And I do hope there will be a next one.

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Review: For Emmy

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For Emmy
For Emmy by Mary SanGiovanni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For Emmy is a beautifully written, haunting tale of loss. SanGiovanni’s descriptive prose takes us into the mind of the narrator, Dana, and it is through her eyes that we experience the disappearance of her little sister, Emmy. It is also through her eyes that we experience the events that follow, which prove to be a kind of dark and unwelcome catharsis. The horror elements are expertly woven into this tale, presented with a subtlety that is so often absent from horror fiction these days but is nonetheless extremely effective. If you are up for a sweet, sad tale with some Lovecraftian overtones, you couldn’t do much better than this novella from Mary SanGiovanni. In fact, I doubt you would find anything matching that description that is on par with this excellent book.

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